Previously known as the Supplies Department, which had existed in Dayton before 1891, it expanded its product line to include most consumables which clients required to operate their various business  machines. At the time of the first world war there were staffing problems and in 1916 the war-time Supplies Department in the UK comprised the Printing, Purchasing and Electro Departments.

Cash Register Rolls


This was one of the first areas where paper rolls were required. Although paper rolls were used in the Paper Roll Register, small Detail Roll printers were first added to National Cash Register ranges from 1894.



The Supplies Department, in the UK, was located on the 5th Floor, Marylebone  in 1942 with a branch at  Harrow Road by 1948

Ink Ribbons


These were supplied with new cash registers with 10 and then five being supplied from 1901. Additional ribbons could be bought, when required, from the Sales Agent.