The Newscast VHS Tapes


In 1984 NCR began producing VHS tapes for distribution to all the offices as a communications tool for local meetings.


Newscast 1

This is the Celebrating the Future tape with Rex Fleet. 

See Celebrating the Future 1984


Newscast 2 1884 – December 1984

Fred Newall introduces the new showroom at Marylebone Road and a Vienna Prize winners celebration
The film focusses on the Field Engineering Division with Tom Boles, John Fothergill, Ralph Barnes, Dennis Bates, Alan Chard, Tom Wallbank, Albert Barden, John Burchfield, Sid Anderson, Mike Clancy, Tony Flynn and Stuart Osmer.

Frank Robinson, Brighton Centre Manager makes a brief appearance.

A view of the St Alphage House Data Centre and a summary of the new sales from CCSD’s Dave Collins, CIMEG, Retail Division followed by a Granada TV staff training film on their NCR 2950 system comes next.

Last comes a brief look at the NCR Audio/Video studio.


Newscast 3 (1985)


This is the Commitment to Success film presented by Fred Newall in Finchley

New releases include the Watford Warehouse, HO Showroom, Worksaver 300

with an announcement of a sale by David Dally CIMEG


This is followed by Fred Newall describing the Finance Department and the FED convention – Blenheim Palace with Tom Boles, Tom Dowd (Birmingham Centre Manager), Jim Adamson (Dundee Factory Manager) followed by a summary of the European Managers Seminar – London


Changes of staff included

CIMEG - with Eugine McGuiness, Mike Peeling, Chris Mcgraw and Simon Berry

FED  changes with the retirement of George Attle and new appointments for, Eric Page, Derek Wisker, Keith Tompson at Brent Maintenance Records




Product Marketing announced the release of PC4 in Sheldon February 21st 1985 and then the "Ralph Advertisement" with Dom Delouise.


FSD results cover  the sales to Abbey National Sale of 5070s, Nationwide 5070 Sale and a description of the Worksaver 300


Fred Newall ended with the Commitment to success  film

Newscast 4 June 1985

The film opens with Fred Newall at the new Watford Distribution Centre.


Fred Newall announces Sales Successes including the sale of a PC video Disk System to House of Fraser

Chuck Exley visit is mentioned and then the focus switches to the new Order & Inventory Management dept. Finchley  and Charlie Koda,


Sheldon IPC is mentioned as being the processing centre for Order & Inventory


Product Marketing – Graham Miller introduces the launch of the minitower and a 'Video of NCR Products'


At the release  of minitower , Tony Lazorini, Peter Holt, Denise Holmes and Mick Hicks all give presentations.


Fred then announces the retirement of Shaun Dixon Child and Basil Garsed and the new appointments- Mike Keville and John Cook.


A 'Competition prize trip' to Venice was announced followed by the location of the 1985 CPC as Bangkok.

Newscast 5 -64K edition – September 1985

Fred Newall announced his appointment as Manager of NCR Europe Organisation and the launch of the 64K Project.

Fred spoke of the development of employees and Manager's skill levels with the video of a presentation to Sales Managers about growing the business with its 64 thousand employees.


Ian Black received questions from Sid Anderson (Midlands Regional Manager), John Waggett (Sheldon Office manager), David Ballantyne (IPC), Roy Barnes (CIMEG), Wendy Minshaw (Education Division), Geoff England (Systemedia)


Fred announces Rex Fleet’s appointment as head of the UK company