1903 American Made London Buggy

The New Buggies.

Now that the new buggies have got into regular work in the London territories, the Agents begin to feel the benefit of them. We are more often able to converse with the London men than with our Representatives in the provinces, and so we know that the London men are highly pleased with the innovation.

It is a good while since the ten buggies were ordered to be specially built at Dayton, not in the Factory of course, but by a large firm of wagon builders in the same city. The requirements of English traffic, however, necessitated alterations, in order that the buggies might be turned in a very short space. The fore-carriage was altered, and small wheels put under, so that the conveyance can turn in its own length.

Six of the new buggies are being used in London territories, and four in the Provinces. Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Dublin each have one. These will doubtless lend considerable assistance in developing our business in these territories.

As regards London we have ridden in the buggies, and find that they are very light in draught, and easy work for the horse compared with the brougham. They carry two samples very comfortably indeed and a third one if required. The hood over the driver’s seat gives ample protection to both Driver and Salesman.

These buggies are a decidedly good advertisement. They are different to anything generally seen in this country and attract attention. We illustrate a group of them in the yard at our stables getting ready for the day’s work.


Belfast Waggon  1903


1904 The Tottenham Court Road Garage.


The Morgan Cyclecar