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I worked at your office in Leeds, UK in 1970s. I remember 15th February 1971, 50 years ago, when my NCR 400 accounting machine program went live on Britain’s new decimal currency.
I was employed by NCR at Marylebone Rd as a computer clerk and the operator on the Century 100 computer from March 1970 to September 1971. After being made redundent I hired myself back to NCR as an independent computer operator on a site at Newhaven for a further 6 weeks.
NCR USA FE veteran. 9.5 years with NCR 1966-1975. NCR 315 and Century seres (100-200). Was a great start for all the stops in my career. I modeled all my service techniques and philosophies from what I learned at NCR. Lots of long term friends came from working there. Thanks, wonderful site and brought back lots of memories. I will pass the URL to friends.
Thanks for sharing the memories.
I was at CTEC in 1973. Worked for NCR Switzerland for 10 years. Great time.
Great Job Ian,All of the info about NCR that I did not know but wanted to look back on.
Well done Ian the new website is looking well best of luck with it kind regards Mark