Our Films - Several of the original 16mm films in my possession have been digitized and have reduced resolution in order to fit on the website. Some of the older films were in colour but had to be changed to Black and White as the film had deteriorated.


One or two films may take a few seconds to start

Introducing Field Engineering Service (1984)

This film was produced by NCR's Audio and Visual Services Department

The Vital Component

This is a film about Field Engineering in 1990. It was sponsored by John Nairne, the Regional Manager at Sheldon with the assistance of many members of the Service Division many of who you may recognise. 

Managed Solutions for Self Service 1993

This is a film made for the AT&T / NCR convention in Phoenix USA.

many of the scenes were filmed in the UK and include many familiar NCR faces.

NCR 315

This is the first NCR Solid State Mainframe with CRAM, ( Computer Random Access Memory. 

NCR 390 

This was the first in a family of computers designed to operate in small to medium businesses without the need to have airconditioning. The NCR 390 was a 'Visible Record Computer'.

NCR 400

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The Century 100

This is the film made for the launch of the Century computer.

9300 New Dimensions

This is the film made for the launch of the 32bit VLSI computer

The Bell Heard Round the World.

A promotional film from the early 1960's including factory scenes and Old River  Park.

The Magic Wheel

This is a professionally produced firm presented by the National Cash Register Co.

It shows the family orientation and innovations instituted by the company destined to become the NCR Corporation. It explains why people "Just wanted to work there"

A cameo appearance by the then president Stanley C. Allyn, appears during excerpts from an authentic 25 year club presentation.

The Gift of Knowledge

This promotional film about Technology dates from 1984 and shows several computers of the time including the 8400 & 9300.

Celebrating the Future

This is the film shown at the celebration meetings around the country in 1984.

Channel Vision with Robert Leach

AT&T / Global Information Solutions (GIS).

At the launch of the Independent Marketing Division, Robert Leach appeared on the 'Channel TV' channel for Distributors.

Coaching for Success

This is an Interactional Management training film from 1989 filmed in Sheldon

Foundation for Success  - Education Dept.

This is a promotional film including scenes in Sheldon.

Newscast Videos

These are a series of staff communication videos produced between 1984 and 1986.