Cash Registers

Products 1879 -1900

Dial register

The first Cash Register invented and
patented by James Ritty 1879...

Paper Roll Machine

Description of product ...

Detail Adder Class 3

Description of product.

Products 1900 -1920

Class 1000 Register

The Cash Register invented and
patented by Charles Kettering 1907

Credit System

1917 A storage and management system for credit
and hire purchase records built in a safe.

Products 1920 -1940

100 Class

The last press down cash register.
In production from 1938 to 1972

2114 Classic Register

The Electronic Cash Register replica of the class 300 machine of the early 1900s.

Products 1940 -1990

An advanced cash register used by
department stores, public services
and railways
The 21 was a favourite of the small supermarkets
and corner shops
Built in Augsburg Germany this model was one of the last electro-mechanical registers to be manufactured.