The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p9

Page 10.
Mr. Walter told us: "The primary pur­pose of my job is to supply the school with up-to-date informa­tion on new machines that are being manufactured in Haw­thorne, on changes to existing ma­chines, and, to prepare lesson plans on these machines. My main function at the moment is develop­ing a course for the new large-scale computer which is being manufactured by NCR. To struc­ture this course, which is a con­tinuation of the NCR Century concept, will take another six to nine months. At the same time, there are other projects coming up from time to time which de­mand my attention. For example, we recently developed in Haw­thorne a new high-speed Card Punch. This equipment has to be researched and a training package on it made up for the school here as well as for the other Regional Schools.
"Another phase of my activities is related with technical represen­tatives who come out of this school and need to have some specialized training in Hawthorne or at the new plant in Rancho Bernardo. I have to schedule