NCR 9010

Data Pathing Terminals

9010 NCR Post June 1982


A family of micros

The NCR 9010 is a very versatile and flexible family of multipurpose micro­processor systems including:

Personal Computer – as an executive workstation.

Small Business System – for general business control in the smaller com­pany or departmental processing in the larger company.

Satellite Terminal – intelligent, pro­grammable, in communication with NCR or non-NCR computers. Network Controller – controlling up to 16 NCR financial, retail or general purpose terminals.

Factory Terminal Controller –controll­ing NCR data pathing terminals. This system will be known as the DPS 10. Scientific Workstation – this is based upon an auxiliary language processor using the programming language PASCAL. It is ideally situated to the university market. The auxiliary lan­guage processor is based upon four bit-slice processors and it is designed to handle all processing functions with the exception of input/output, which is handled by the existing processor.

The personal computer, NCR fac­tory terminal controller and the scien­tific workstations will be released later this year.

The main features of the NCR 9010 include:

• Standard memory 64Kb, 128Kb

• High speed memory 128Kb, 256Kb

• Hard disks 10Mb – 40Mb

• Flexible disks 2Mb – 4Mb

• Word processing

• A wide range of printers from 70 lpm to 300 lpm, including a quality correspondence printer for word processing

• Additional workstations; (3 maximum)

• Will support up to 16 secondary terminals

• Communications will include NCR Asynchronous TTY, X.25 and IBM 2780/3280/3270

• New operating systems, NCR DPS (including COBOL Comms) and CP/M, the most generally used micro operating system

• System development aids include EASI, which can be used by non-data processing trained personnel

• Expandable – the Personal Computer will be easily up-gradable to the Small Business System or any of the other versions of the 9010

• Practical – it is well suited to general office environment and requires no special working conditions

* Nationwide support by NCR for hardware and software

• Competitively priced

Prices range upwards from £5,700 for the satellite terminal. NCR's marketing emphasis is at major com­panies for use of part of, or control­ling, network systems for distributed processing.